While we would like to encourage all to stay at the Holiday Inn located in the Roberts Centre other hotels are very close to the convention center. Regardless of what hotel is chosen making early reservations is very important since more than one event may be taking place at the Roberts Centre, or other convention centers in the area the evening before the show. Reservations can usually be cancelled on the same day in the event of an emergency. We do not endorse any of the other hotels listed below, but are providing their names and numbers for information purposes only. You can get the Roberts Centre web site up at www.robertscentre.com The other hotels are a very short distance from the Convention Center and are listed below. Please check out their rating and distance from the Robers Centre prior to making reservations.
Holiday Inn in the Roberts Centre, 123 Gano Rd. Wilmington, OH 45177. (937) 283 3200

The block rate for the show prior to taxes is $124 per day. Please call the hotel direct to get our rate and use code DSW when booking rooms.