Come join us October 7, 2018
(next shows planned the first Sunday of October 2019 & 2020)

Get ready to spend a wonderful weekend at the beautiful Roberts Centre in Wilmington Ohio and shop with some of the top dealers in the country. Our dealers will be arriving with a wide assortment of dolls and bears to include antique, vintage, Modern, collectible, and Artist. An amazing show room & beautiful handicap accessible facility with on-site food concessions and plenty of free parking. A great Holiday Inn & a Max & Erma’s full service restaurant is actually located in the convention center. If wanting to stay onsite at the Holiday Inn at the Roberts Centre please reserve rooms early since the hotel does fill fast. We do have a block of rooms set aside so please call them directly at (937) 283 3200

Please email Sandy at for club discounts and advance ticket sales on pre-show events. Telephone numbers to the people conducting day before workshops can also be found on the Events page of this website. This is a show well worth traveling for with Dealers arriving from California to Maryland. Enjoy some great pictures below along with a list of some of the great Dealers you can plan on shopping with at the next show.

Following is a list of the amazing Dealers that did the last show. A current list will be published as the show gets closer but we can guarantee that some of the same amazing dealers have already signed on as well as several others from around the Country. This list will be updated as show time gets closer.

Scott Tagliapietra – Scott is heading our way from Wisconsin with some amazing antique holiday items as well as antique dolls. He can be found at UFDC, and the better shows.

Sherry Sberna – Sherry has a great selection of antique, compo, modern, artist dolls as well as vintage Barbies. Don’t want to miss this great selection

Doug Dupler – Doug is heading our way with collectable dolls such as Lil pets, monster high, polly pockets, and Barbies. A fun booth for all.

Tracy Cederlund – Tracy will be doing the show with a great selection of Antique, Compo, Hard Plastic, and Modern Dolls.

Jennifer Neal – Jennifer is an amazing reborn artist and will be displaying her life like creations at the upcoming show. She has perfected her skills over the last 8 years.

Gay Anne Gressman (IN) is heading in with a wonderful assortment of Steiff, Annalee, Doll Furniture & other Vintage del8ights.

Diane & Rachel Hoffman (CO) - From Turn of the Century Antiques will be heading in with the amazing Terri Lee collection of Peggy Casper. Rachel will also be on hand live with her Ruby Lane Dolly Cam so get on the Ruby Lane Facebook page and check out the show on 10/1

Marion Maus (MD) - Marion is a NADDA member and well known dealer at the Conventions and better shows throughout the US. A must see booth!

Cynthia Orgeron (LA) - You will not have to travel to Convention or Gaithsburg now because she will be in Wilmington with a great selection of all types of dolls, bears, etc.

Mary Matthews (MD) - Owner of “Victorian Rose” is often seen at the better shows with a great selection of Antique, Compo, Hard Plastic, Modern, dolls & Antique Toys.

Eileen Green (OH) - Eileen will be doing our doll stringing at the show as well as displaying a wide selection of all types of dolls.

Tracy Cederlund (OH) - Tracy will be arriving with a great selection of just about everything from Antique, Compo, Hard Plastic, & Modern Dolls.

Angie Gill (OH) - Get ready for a great selection of American Girl dolls, clothes, and accessories.

Charlene Roese (OH) - Charlene will be arriving with a great selection of her own hand made porcelain dolls as well as doll dlothing.

Donna Boggs (OH) - Those that collect Alice In Wonderland Dolls and R. John Wright dolls are in for a treat.

Nancy Kokesch (MN) – Nancy will be arriving in Wilmington with a wide variety of Modern, Artist, and Collectable Dolls as well as Artist bears.

GOOD BEARS OF THE WORLD – Both the Columbus and Toledo Chapters of this wonderful organization will be displaying at the show.

Alice Chaney - (OH) Always a great selection of Compo, hard plastic, Modern, as well as collectable dolls. Has some great Barbies and Bears as well.

Angela Simko - (IN) Angela is heading in with the usual display of high quality antique, hard plastic, and compo dolls. You can always find a hidden treasure in her booth

Barbara Hack - (MI) heading our way with a huge selection of composition, hard plastic & Modern Dolls. Ginny anyone? Always a great display of old and new.

Becky & Bernadine Crozier - (OH) Heading our way with a great selection of hard plastic, modern, collectable, dolls as well as artist bears.

Becky Funderberg - (OH) Becky is an accomplished reproduction artist and is doing one of our workshops for the show on Saturday. A good supply of supplies such as wigs, etc.

Beth Karp - (OH) Beth is well known as a seller under the name of 2 Beths Dolls on Ruby Lane, She never disappoints with an amazing selection of fine antique dolls & Toys.

Betty Hudson - (KY) Betty will be arriving with a great selection of antique dolls as well as a wide selection of doll clothing..

Betty Stepnowski - (OH) Sells under the business name of JD Dollhaven. She can be found on the UFDC selling floor, Gaithsburg, MD show, & Ruby Lane. Always an amazing selection.

Beverly Stoehr - (NY) Beverly is an amazing artist heading our way. You can check out her amazing creations on

Billye Harris - (NC) Billye (as seen on the televised Antiques Roadshow) will be our guest appraiser. Member of NADDA & can be found on her own website at

Bob Severns - (IN) Bob, owner of Two Spirit Dolls,is also heading our way. He is an amazing artist and can be seen on

Bonnie Larson - (WI) Bonnie is owner of “Wee Designs for Dolls” and will be arriving with an amazing supply of handmade doll clothing.

Brenda Working - (OH) Brenda will be doing the show with 4 tables packed full of modern, Vintage Barbie, and related doll clothing and accessories.

Brenda Yenke - (OH) Brenda will be heading our way from the Cleveland area with an amazing selection of vintage and antique bears and toys

Brigid McHugh Jones - (VA) Arriving with an amazing selection of high quality and early antique dolls. Always at the better shows including Gaithsburg & the Nationals.

Carol Wood - (OH) Carol will be accompanying Beth Karp (2 Beth’s Dolls) in her booth with a nice selection of doll clothing. Measure those dolls for the right dress!

Catherine Price - (OH) - Catherine will be coming to the show with a variety of dolls from antique, modern, artist, and collectable.

Charles & Barbara Buysse - (MI) they always have amazing and unusual antique treasures. Chuck is also one of the top repair people in the US for antique bisque doll repair.

Cindy Budin - (OH) A great dealer from the Cleveland area with a great selection of all types of antique and compo dolls. Also, a selection of antique doll house items.

Cindy McGuire - Doing business as China Cupboard.Bears Check out her web at Please check out her workshop on 09-30-17

Connie Lowe - (PA) Connie is an amazing BJD artist that has been featured in several magazines. Just key in her name on the web and you will find pictures of her work all over.

Craig Yenke - (OH) Craig is an amazing artist of hand sculptured paper mache animals. You can check out his website at if you would like to preview his work.

Darlene Shellcrosslee - (IL) Darlene is heading our way with a great selection of German and French Dolls as well as clothing and accessories.

Denise Cunningham - (MI) Coming our way is an amazing display of every type of vintage doll & bear you can imagine. Of special interest is her doll jewelry creations.

Denise Williams - (OH) Well known throughout the mid- west and east coast she is traveling our way with a great dolls in all categories of dolls & accessories.

Diane Drake - (CT) Arriving from Diane’s Doll Shoppe will be a great selection of artist & collectable dolls. Check out this shop at

Dianne Sims - (IN) “Main Street Dolls” is well known throughout the doll industry and has a fabulous display. Check out the wide selection at

Donna Kirsch Smith - (IN) Donna is a very well-known Dealer and member of NADDA. She will have a large display of rare and exquisite French and German antique dolls.

Ed Pelton & Nancy McGlamery - (PA) - Arriving from PA with a wide variety of antique toys, bears, holiday items. Can be found at the better shows and on Ruby Lane.

Elaine Roesle - (OH) Elaine is the wonderful artist that creates “Snow Children” for the gift industry. Just google “Snow Babies - Dept 56” to locate the numerous otlets for her creations.

Elaine Wojcinski - (IN) Elaine has been doing quality shows for years and offers a great selection of all types of dolls to include bisque, compo, and hard plastic.

Fritizi’s Antique Dolls - (IL) President of NADDA & does UFDC, Gaithsburg, and other quality shows in the US with rare antique French & German Dolls.

Gabriella DeLawey - (OH) Artist from Studio 2n3d will be arriving with OOAK mixed media creations. She also displays at the Nationals, and several other high quality shows.

Gail Lemmon- (OH) Business name of “All Dolled Up”. Gail does the UFDC Convention & recently displayed at Gaithsburg. On Ruby Lane with a variety of high quality dolls.

Gigi’s Dolls & Sherry’s Teddy Bears- (IL) NADDA Dealers & always a staple at Gaithsburg, & the Nationals. Check out their web site at

Gilda Dreher - (MA) Gilda of Gilda’s Fabrics can be found at several of the major shows in the US with a wonderful selection of French trims, buttons, & fabrics for that special doll outfit.

Jackie Everett - (MD) Jackie is an amazing Dealer usually found at Gaithsburg, Ruby Lane, & the Nationals with a great selection of antique doll houses & furniture, etc.

Janine Heavin - (MI) Janine is an accomplished Doll Artist and sells under the business name of “Dolls by Janine”. One of the exceptional Artist that is heading our way.

Jay Lowe - (PA) Jay will be heading our way from PA with a great selection of quality rare antique dolls. He puts an amazing display on at Gaithsburg, UFDC & NADDA.

Jean Ann Gallagher - (OH) Heading our way with a wide selection of Antique, hard plastic, collectable dolls as well as antique and vintage bears.

Joe & Lynn Bartol - (OH) DBA as Lynn’s Dolls & well known at the numerous shows they do throughout the year. Great dealers in IN, OH, MI. NY, Gaithsburg, etc.

Joyce Kintner - (PA) Once again Joyce will be heading in from to display a wide selection of quality antique and collectable dolls.

Joyce Shchurowsky - (NY) Traveling in with a great selection of antique, compo, Hard Plastic dolls as well as some vintage holiday items.

Judy Crawford - (OH) Judy is a local dealer with a huge 4 table booth full of interesting dolls and toys. Always a great selection of half dolls, doll hats, and other accessories.

Judy Rankine - (OH) Judy is a well-known & popular doll artist that can be found at most of the quality shows. You can check out her amazing creations at,

Judy Smith - A wonderful and talented bear artist. Judy has been featured in international magazines with her tiny creations. All wonderful….how does one make up their mind?

Judy White - ((AR) Of “The Doll Peddlar” .An amazing selection of BJD’s from Korea, France, & Russia. Check out her website at

Karen Hochradel - (OH) One of our wonderful Dealers with a wide variety of dolls, antique toys, doll clothing, and vintage/antique holiday items.

Karen Knapp - (OH) Karen is a bear artist that will be bringing in a wonderful selection of her own creations. You can find her creations on Etsy under the name Tindle Bears.

Kathie Anderle - (OH) Heading our way with a very wide selection from Antique Dolls, Vintage Toys, Doll Clothing, Bears and all related.

Keith Knight - (OH) Keith is one of the few people proficient in the repair of vintage pull string talkers such as Mrs. Beasley. Bring your talker to the show for an expert evaluation.

Linda Cantwell - (IN) Another quality dealer heading our way She carries a wide assortment of Compo, Hard Plastic, modern dolls and of course vintage Barbie.

Linda Clapper - (PA) Linda is owner of The Clapper House in Pittsburgh and will be arriving with a great display of antique/vintage bears & antique/vintage toys.

Linda & Karl Dalenberg - (WV) Linda is traveling in from with a wide variety of quality Dolls and accessories. You can also find her on Ruby Lane under Timeless Pieces.

Linda Farris - (MI) Heading in with a wonderful selection of handmade straw hats designed after the antique ones. Measure those doll heads!

Mary Jane Poley - (OH) Always seen in Gaithsburg and other quality shows with an interesting collection of Antique & collectable dolls and doll clothing.

Mary Jo Koets - Mary Jo’s Enchanted Doll Closet - Always a great supply of fabrics, trims, Doll Clothing. Displays wonderfully at Gaithsburg, UFDC and other great shows.

Mary Ortwine - (MI) Mary is an amazing bear artist who works under the name of Mare’s Bears. Don’t know what to do with a old fur coat? Bring it and have her make a fur teddy bear!

Mary Wolande - (IL) - Mary will be arriving with a selection of antique, compo dolls as well as a selection of antique/vintage toys.

Monica Rio- (MI) - Monica is an amazing artist that has been featured in several magazine articles. Known for doing the better shows with high her quality creations.

Nancy Campbell - (WV) Arriving with a great selection of antique dolls to include cloth, chinas, parian, etc. You will also find some wonderful books & child related items in her booth.

Nancy McCray - (IA) A guest appraiser on “The Antiques Roadshow”.. A member of NADDA, & displays at shows such as the Nationals & Gaithsburg. Also on Ruby Lane.

Nancy Meeker - (OH) Business name is Nancy’s Dolls & Antiques - Always has a great selection of all types of dolls and interesting items from Compo, to toys, to vintage holiday items.

O’Smileys Dolls - (OH) A wonderful doll shop in Cincinnati coming in with a huge booth with just about everything. Check out their shop at

Patty Ridener - (KY) Patty will be arriving with Antique, Vintage Barbie, Doll Clothing, Supplies, such as wigs and stands and other accessories.

Paulette Buchanan - (PA) Paulette will be arriving with a great selection of antique, composition, hard plastic and modern dolls. Always many to choose from.

Rhoda Wade - (IL) - You can find Rhoda’s Doll & Toy Emporium & Doll hospital at . Great doll clothing coming our way!

Richard Saxman - (PA) Richard is a member of NADDA and sells on Ruby Lane. Always an amazing display of fine antiques at Gaithsburg, Convention & the better shows.

Ron & Robyn Martin - (GA) - Great dealers that sell under the name of Strawbear Antiques. You can usually find them at better shows such as the nationals & Gaithsburg.

Rita Stice - (OH) - Rita is one of our favorites with a large selection of quality hard plastic, compo, and modern dolls. Also a great selection of antique/ vintage bears and doll clothing.

Rosemary Kanizer - (KY) - great display modern such as Cissy and other Alexanders as well as other modern dolls. Always a great display at Gaithsburg., UFDC & Alexander Convention.

Sandy Bullock - (MI) Known as Alora’s Attic, will be displaying a great selection of antique German toys, antique French & German Dolls.

Sandy Johnson Barts - (MI) Always has a great displayand tons of hard to find items and accessories. Carries antique, compo, and hard plastic dolls & just about everything related.

Sheila June Needle - (CA) Sheila is a well-known NADDA Dealer and can also be found at Convention and several other high end shows across the Country.

Sheila Scalf - (KY) will be arriving with a great selection of Doll Bear Books, doll clothing, antique and vintage toys as well as all types of dolls.

Sheranna Taylor - (KY) Will be arriving with all types of dolls from Antique, Hard Plastic, collectable, vintage Barbie and antique bears.

Sonja Bryer - (OH) You can see her dolls first hand at . An amazing artist that will also be bringing in a selection of antique dolls.

Sue Brightwell - (PA) Great Dealer with very early and rare dolls of china, wax, and parian. Displays at NADDA and UFDC Shows as well as other quality shows in the Country.

Suzie’s Dolls & Designs - (OH) Suzie is well known at the Nationals and other great shows for her amazing selection of high end antique German & French dolls as well as accessories.

Terri Davila - (OH) Another great Ohio dealer with dolls ranging from antique to Barbie. You will find vintage children’s books, paper dolls, and just about anything else on her table

Vivian Brady - (MI) Vivian is well known for her high quality and pristine early hard plastic dolls. You can find a great selection on eBay under the shop name “Vivians Dolls”

Zofia & Henry Zawieruszynski - (MN) Amazing artists heading our way. You can check out their wonderful works of art at